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About Us

Our goal is to bridge  the gap between day care services and pet parents to provide  temporary home for your pets when you go out on business trips / holidays with friends and family. We have partnered with various day care services/ foster homes in different cities. 

Our Team

Urban Paws India was founded in 2020 during pandemic by a group of IIT Kharagpur alumni and students with vision of solving pet owner’s problems by providing them India’s first platform to connect day care services and pet parents.

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Frequently asked questions

What is UrbanPawsIndia?

UrbanPawsIndia connects loving pet boarding homes with pet owners in all major cities and can help you get a loving trusted place that could board your pets with a simple 4-click booking process.

How do I make a request for pet services?

What happens if my pet gets sick or hurt in the care of the pet boarding service?

Fortunately, cases of emergencies are very rare, but it's best to prepare for them. If there’s an emergency, the pet boarding service must decide the best course of action: either to go to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet's own veterinarian. It’s always a good idea to write emergency instructions on your details form.

I've never left my pet with a pet boarding service before. Is Urban Paws India for me?

Absolutely. UrbanPawsIndia is a friendly community of local animal lovers who welcome your beloved pets with great pleasure. Your pet will be much happier than in a kennel or cattery. Take a look at the pet sitter profiles on our site

Are there any costs associated with using Urban Paws India?

It is 100% free to book a pet boarding service on UrbanPawsIndia using the book now button on their profile. As far as their services are concerned, each pet boarding service determines the rate they want to charge. Those rates are listed on their profiles and what you see is what you pay. There are no additional administrative costs. You need to pay directly to the boarding services while checking out

What if a pet gets lost or dies while in the pet boarding’s care?

Urban paws india is solely responsible for connecting pet parents with the pet boarding services. However , Urban Paws India does not take any responsibility if any such event occurs.